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Variable ND Filters

Variable ND2-400 (1-8.65 Stop) Filter

Greater control in changing light

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Variable ND2-32 (1-5 Stop) Filter Plus+

Greater control in low light

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Variable ND64-1000 (6-10 Stop) Filter Plus+

Master bright changing light

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Variable ND8-128 (3-7 Stop) Filter Plus+

Greater control in low to bright light

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What's the main function of a Variable ND Filter?

A Variable ND (Neutral Density) Filter is all about controlling light. It's super handy for managing how much light gets into your camera. You can adjust its density to suit various lighting situations, which is great for pulling off creative effects like motion blur, even when it's really bright out.

How do you change the strength of a Variable ND Filter?

To adjust a Variable ND filter, you just need to rotate its two polarizing layers. This is done by turning the outer ring, which changes the filter's density. This way, you can control the light passing through your lens, adapting easily to whatever lighting conditions you're facing.

Can a polariser and a Variable ND Filter be used concurrently?

While it's technically feasible to stack a polariser and a variable ND filter, it's generally advised against. Both filters influence the polarisation of light, and using them together can lead to undesired effects such as uneven polarisation, colour shifts, and diminished image quality. For combined effects, a singular filter that integrates both polarising and ND features is recommended for more consistent outcomes.

What distinguishes an ND filter from a variable ND filter?

A standard ND (Neutral Density) filter offers a fixed level of light reduction, consistently dimming the scene. In contrast, a Variable ND filter provides adjustable light reduction through the rotation of its outer ring, giving you more flexibility in responding to varying lighting situations without the need to interchange the filter.

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